The agency


Created in 2007, the agency ‘s Le Point Lumineux is a structure independent specialist in architectural lighting , publics or privates spaces but also in the field of creation of lighting equipment to answer at special needs . We intervene in project management in direct within of a multidisciplinary team , but also in the framework of assistance to the project owner or again like an expert-conseil .

We complete our work by electrical engineering and VRD dedicated to our lighting systems.

« Illuminate, it’s to ask the questions: Why? For who ? When? How? »

The agency focuses its work on the analysis of the site, understanding the expectations and challenges for developing a coherent project, respectful of the place and his users. We pay great attention to the use of energy, the direction of light output but also to the integration of lighting equipment in the environment.

In one’s professional capacity, the agency is a member of The Association of Designers and light Eclairagistes (ACE) and the French Lighting Association (AFE). A humanitarian, the agency is a member of the World Vision organization and Childhood and Sharing Association.

Human ressources

Thierry Walger / Lighting designer
Professional curriculum:

October, 2007: creation of the agency Le Point Lumineux to Besançon.
April 2004 to July 2007 : Project manager to the agency Les Eclairagistes Associés in Lyon.
April 2001 to April 2004 Engineer business OGER International St Ouen
Before : Industrial designer in different research unit to Besançon (BETIC) from 1994 to 2001 in Paris (Cornet Ingénierie) from 1990 to 1994.

Training :

High school diploma F3 electrotechnics. Follow-up of the training level 2 to the French Association of the Lighting ( AFE). Followed by various modules of training to the French Association of the Lighting for the obtaining of the level 3 (master’s degree).

Of technical training, artistic sensibility, Thierry Walger claims these two “cultural origins” to approach a space and try to give him an image in cohesion with his environment, his history and his feature. His route dictates him to consider the technical constraints from the abstract phase. The creation of the agency is the outcome of these years of experiences and the various meetings, it is also, constantly, the synthesis of the realized projects.

Adhering to several associations dedicated to the light such as; the French Association of the Lighting (AFE) and to the Association of the Designers the light and the Lighting engineers (ACE), he participates in diverse artistic events such as “Back to tea trees” in September, 2011, in educational interventions in colleges and regional high schools or in more official demonstrations such as the National Days of the Light to Besançon on 01.10.2012, the colloquium of the grouping of historic monuments in Paris on 28.11.2012, or still in representation of the French Association of the Lighting in Rabat (Morocco) on 13.06.2013 during the meeting of the workshop of the GIZ.

Thierry Walger leads trainings to the French Association of the Lighting ( AFE) since 2014.

Jeremy Clain / Lighting technician
Professional curriculum:

From september 2011 lighting designer at agency Le Point Lumineux
2010 – 2011 Apprentice engineer engineering consulting firm at Philips Lighting to Vénissieux ( 69 )
2010 Long-term internship in the IFEP (Institute of training in the professional lighting).
2008 – 2010 Electrician within the company Scopelec to Clairvaux Lakes ( 39 ).

Training :

2011 Obtaining of the Bachelor’s degree in design and management in lighting at the university Jean Moulins of Lyon ( 69 ).
2010 Obtaining of the advanced technician’s certificate in home automation at the high school Pasteur de Dole (39).
/ 2008 Obtaining of the scientific high school diploma, the option engineering sciences at the high school Paul Emile Victor de Champagnole ( 39 ).
Of technical training, Jérémy is in charge of the production of plans and the photometric studies, but he also brings sound felt during the abstract phase and is very present during the follow-up of the projects in phase realization. He is in connection with the set of the actors of the projects who are confided to him. Dynamic and curious, Jérémy is ceaselessly in search of the best solution adapted to the situation.

And according to the workload, supervised by the agency, independent privileged partners (draftsmen, designers, architects), are ready, if necessary, to train a multidisciplinary team proposing skills complementary and adaptable to the projects which are confided to us.